What to Bring - Short Rides – 2 Hour / Half Day / Day Rides


  • Good idea to dress in layers
  • Waterproof Coat (oilskin)
  • Pants suitable to ride in (moleskins, jodhpurs, leggings and Jeans are ok (Can wear stockings under jeans to prevent rubbing) NO SHORTS ALLOWED
  • Enclosed boots suitable to ride in preferably with a heel (Riding Boots, - Work boots with heels are fine as they double as hiking boots – make sure - they are water proof)
  • WORKBOOTS with big toes are not suitable. 
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen & Insect Repellent

We provide you with:

  • Helmets (*Note Own Helmets can be used as long as they are in date of use) 
  • We can supply Riding boots if needed. (please advise beforehand to make sure we have a size to suit you)
  • Saddle Bags for anything you want to take on the horse with you (eg. camera, sunscreen)
  • Riding Chaps (optional)
  • For hire – Oilskins (wet weather coat)