7 Day Feature Ride

Feature Ride - Wonangatta Station

7 days, 6 nights

Get ready to journey deep into the isolated Valley one of the best kept secrets. A ride containing a lot of magic and touch of mystery, the ride begins at Howqua gap to the bluff, King Billy. Lovick's Hut, Hells window Magdala, onto the Beautiful Howitt high plains; Wandering down the Dry River to experience amazement as the clear country of the remote Wonnangatta Valley opens up before us. We camp the night under the ancient elm tree on the conglomerate Creek, along with the ghosts of the unsolved Wonnangatta murders. Explore the homestead ruins look back into the history at the cemetery, or go for a swim in the river. We return via the Howitt high plains down the infamous Howitt spur staircase to Flat spur.

Day 1

Meeting at Merrijig we are transported to Howqua gap, here you will be matched with your horse; the trip begins by riding along the Cornhill track taking in the panoramic views of the mountains we will conquer the days to come. We then descend into the Howqua Valley to pikes flat where we will meet up with our back up vehicles and enjoy lunch by the banks of the beautiful Howqua River. After lunch we will ride to the Bluff, King Billy Lovick's hut where we will spend the night.

Day 2

We experience the spectacular scenery as seen in “the man from Snowy River” films; we ride over King Billy, Mt. Magdala, and hells window. Mt Howitt all the while surrounded by breathtaking scenery of deep valleys below and the mountains stretching into the distance. Our second night is spend camped by Howitt hut, it is said to be haunted by Banford the murdered cook from Wonnangatta station in the late 1800's.

Day 3

Is spent descending into the Wonnangatta Valley, this isolated valley was once a cattle station but now the open grassed valley is part of the national Park. Its isolation (2 days ride from the nearest town) and folklore make it unique; the early settlers found the going tough as the cemetery bears witness. The camp tonight is under the ancient elm trees on the conglomerate Creek along with the ghosts of the unsolved Wonnangatta murders.

Day 4

You will have a relaxing start to the day, little sleep in and a late breakfast. You will then ride out and enjoy a beautiful ride throughout the Wonnangatta valley where the river snakes its way through the grassy plains. You will return back for a late lunch where you can enjoy the rest of the afternoon relaxing, you can go for swim in the swimming hole a short drive away. We have a few games and a Murder mystery of our own to enjoy.

Day 5

Time to relax and enjoy the peace of the Wonnangatta Valley, the day can be spent swimming, fishing, exploring the historic valley or just reading under the shade of a gum tree, after enjoying a camp oven roast, spend the night around the campfire spinning yarns, telling jokes and hearing the mysterious story to the 1910 Wonnangatta murders.

Day 6

It’s time to leave the valley and head back up to the high country, tonight we will camp again on the Howitt high plains under the stars on the open plains.

Day 7

Feel as though you are on top of the world as you take in the breathtaking views and carpets of wildflowers, enjoy lunch on top of Mt. Howitt under the twisted snow gums, before we descend the infamous Howitt spur staircase into the Howqua valley, pikes flat where we finish our trip on the banks of the Howqua river surrounded by towering white hums and mountain ash.

Cost $3080 per person (NOTE 2024-2025 price is $3500pp)