Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Guest Per Ride

We take up to 16 Guests on Each Ride (Some Day Rides are only 5 guests). Short rides average 10-12 Guests.

Level Of Experience Needed

We take from Beginner to Experienced riders on all our rides. The terrain we ride in doesn’t allow us to do a lot of trotting or cantering, and when we do, we split the group up if there is someone not confident to do it. We also have the support cars that meet at lunch so guest can jump into that if needed.

Age Limit

Our age limit for shorter rides is 10 years old, but depends on the rider’s ability and if you think they would handle the ride. Age limit for longer Day rides and overnight rides is 14 years old, but again depends on rider’s ability and experience. If you think that they would be OK then we trust your judgement. You could give us a call to discuss it further if you need

Weight Limit

You need to be under 110kg (if you are over this contact us to talk about options)

Non Riding Guests

We can have guest ride in the support cars with us, we have comfortably 2 spots. We charge a daily fee to cover costs. They get to experience the camp side of the rides. Meeting you for Lunch and at the camp.

Where You Sleep / Camp

You stay at our Mustering hut that is hidden deep in the Valley for the night; there are a few different sleeping arrangements. You can sleep in the Hut in swag on Bunk beds, sleep in you swag under a lean to Shelter under the stars, we also provide everyone with a pop up tent you can roll your swag out in. We have hot showers or if your game a little creek to wash in. If you do the 3 nights you either stay at our Buttercup Hut or another bush hut all have, bunk rooms and we provide hot showers.

Difference Between King Valley And Delatite River Ride

Both of these overnight rides have the same 1st day. Where you ride up to Craig’s Hut, then after lunch ride down to our Mustering Hut at Panican Creek. Its the second day that differs:

King valley you ride thorough snow gums, lunch a-top of No.3, then ride down hill through woolybutt forest to our open private land at buttercup.

Delatite River you head back up throughteh ever changing flora valley towards where we began the day before to Razorback hut for lunch. You then head down the Delatite river, crossing the river many times through the towering gums and fern trees. Back to the beautiful green Mirrimbah park.

What You Get Included

So you get all meals included, including snacks, tea, coffee etc, you get a McCormacks drink bottle, your Helmet is included. (But you can bring your own) You just need to bring your own Drinks.

Overnight rides you can Hire Swags – either fully made $20 or Empty $10 you bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. Or bring you own swag. Also can hire Oilskin (waterproof coat)

Approx Start Time And Return

SHORT RIDES – Ride time (arrive 10 minutes prior to start time)

DAY RIDES - We have you meet at yards at Merrijig address from 8am. You will be asked to drive your car to start point (you will be advised that morning) you leave your car at finish point. Riding starts approx 10am. Return time is approx 4.30-5pm.

OVERNIGHT - We have you meet at yards at Merrijig address from 8am. You will then be transported to riding start location, riding starts approx 10am. Return time is approx 4.30-5pm.

Accommodation Before And After Ride

We don’t supply accommodation, but recommend a few local places to stay (contact us for details)

Pick – Up From Accommodation

We can arrange for pick up from your accommodation if needed.

Group Bookings

We do take group bookings and can tailor a ride to your group needs

School Groups

We have a range of school group options from:

Short rides – 2 Hours and Half Day Rides

Day rides

Overnight options (with varied horse riding days)

Self catering or Fully Catered