Day Ride to Craig's Hut

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Day Ride of a Lifetime to Craig's Hut (November - May)

Re-live the movies and ride to Craig's hut, the set where “The Man from Snowy River" was filmed, the day starts from telephone box junction, where we match you with your horse mount up taking in the beautiful views as your horse picks his way along the cattle tracks while everyone finds their balance and warms into the saddle and head off through the magnificent woolybutt forest climbing up through the gnarled snow gums to take in the magnificent panoramic 360 degree views from the summit of Mt. Stirling.

Ride on through the gnarled snow gums and beautiful scenery; you have the chance to chat to Bruce about his time spent as one of the crack riders in the Man from Snowy River movies. He can point out along the way different locations used the films. As you come out of the trees to ride over the short springy mountain turf in awe of the stunning views at the hut itself. Tie your horse to the rails and enjoy a tasty packsaddle lunch, (or be met by our backup crew with a scrumptious lunch) breathe in the clean air and the views that stretch on forever before mounting your horse and making our way back, just below the summit we will make our way back towards king saddle following ski trails and old logging and cattle tracks to TBJ where we will load the horses in the truck for home.

Day starts at 8am and finishes at around 4.30pm. Lunch provided.

Cost $420 per person (note 2024-2025 season price is $450)